Bank Holiday Drama’s

Paul Coelho 1999Do you have bank holiday drama’s happening at a house near you?

The sun’s shining. It’s bank holiday Monday. It’s time to sit the garden. The wind’s blowing a gentle breeze, but find a sheltered spot where the sun’s shining, grab a drink, plus a good book and I’m in bank holiday heaven.

I’m currently re-reading, and enjoying,  Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, which is a much welcomed birthday gift.

Sometimes it’s nice to re-visit an old friend and remember why you enjoyed it the first time.

Back in the garden, book in hand, my attention was interrupted by a flow of f***ing and blinding from a nearby garden.

Louder and louder, the tirade of anger grew to a crescendo.  My neighbour Dennis had fallen off his step-ladder, and was shouting for his wife Joyce to come and help him.

The shouting went on for quite a while until, finally Joyce came to his rescue. By now Dennis, fed up at waiting, began to swear at her for taking so long.

Joyce shouted back, concerned about his accident, as well as annoyed by his colourful language. More ranting, more raging.

My first instinct was to rush round to see if I could help. Afterall, it’s the neighbourly thing to do. But I didn’t want to end up in the middle of the full-scale argument that had developed between the two of them.

Best to let them sort themselves’ out. I’m sure if Dennis had been seriously injured, Joyce would have shouted for help.

Instead, I sent love to them both.  I sat on my sun lounger and sent loving thoughts for their well-being and highest good.  I immersed them in love and light.

The miracle happened. Peace was restored. No more bank holiday drama’s. Dennis’s pride, the only real casualty of the day.

Now, the only sounds were the gentle rustling of the trees, accompanied by birds singing their hearts out. Heaven on earth was restored.

I smiled to myself as I returned to Paul Coelho, happy that my noisy neighbours had found their own peaceful resolution.

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