Angels and Heavenly Thongs

angel - heavenly thongDid you know that Angels have heavenly thongs?

I went to see a very entertaining nativity play at my grandson’s junior school.  And that’s when I discovered that angels wear heavenly thongs.  Who knew?

‘Angels in a heavenly thong’, at least that’s what I thought I heard, as a small group of delightful girls danced pass, wings and floaty dresses the norm.

The angels skipped and clapped their way around the manger without missing a step.  Their heads turned this way and that, scouring the audience in an effort to find the people who’d promised to be there.

Whirling dervishes couldn’t have contorted their bodies any better than the different ways these angels managed to distort theirs.

Mary only dropped baby Jesus once, and miracle of miracles, he bounce right back. Thankfully there was no lasting damage to the new-born king.

The rest of the play went (fairly) smoothly with only the occasional shepherd or king being taken outside due to the excitement of performing in public.

I don’t think I have enjoyed a performance as much since I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert in London a few years ago.  It was certainly as funny, although that may not have been intentional.

It really doesn’t get much better, heavenly thongs included.

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I Need A Hug

Feeling sad, and a bit sorry for myself, I came across the message ‘I need a hug’. Written on a scrap of paper it had been left by my granddaughter who loves a hug or two.

‘I need a hug’ made me smile and lifted my spirits immediately. It got me thinking about all the other people who might need a hug.

There’s nothing like a hug from a real person, but that’s not always possible.

Maybe how I hug my inner-self could help them to hug their inner-selves too.

Knowing that my reactions come from within me doesn’t negate my feeling sad, mad or downright grumpy at times.

Let’s face it, there’s enough going on in the world to activate any of those feelings at any given time.

I know those feelings will pass if I leave them to wend their way through my sub-consciousness without owning them.

I also know that, whilst they’re passing through, sometimes I just need a hug to make me smile again.

I realised that when I feel sad I tend to retreat into myself. I build a defensive wall deep inside of me where nothing, and/or no-one, can make me sad, mad or grumpy again.

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Radiators and Drains

Enjoying a brilliant lunch with Sue and Lucy, I admitted being a bit of a vampire drinking in their high energies.

Feeling good, I mentioned how some of my other friends left me feeling deflated without knowing why.

Sue asked me if I’d heard about radiators and drains. I replied that I only knew about them in the context of central heating.

Turns out that drains and radiators can also be significant people, one way or another.

Sue and Lucy both radiate a vibrancy that’s hard to match, they’re wonderful people who make the world a brighter place, no matter what life throws at them. They have a way of being in the world that shines directly into your heart. As examples of radiators, they’re pure gold.

Whether we recognise it or not, we’re all influenced by the people we mix with. Some leave you so drained of energy, you wonder what attracted you to each other in the first place. Some might be family members. Others are friends and/or people you work with.

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Whatever you’re looking for Be It

Whatever you’re looking for Be It. 

What does that mean?

It means that whatever you’re looking for already exists within you.

You just need to bring it out into the open and Be It.

Thoughts that whirl around in your mind are just thoughts.

They represent how you’re dealing with whatever is going on in your world.

Here’s the thing.

Thoughts are not real. They are just the mind searching for past solutions which will confuse you, as well as muddy the waters.

That’s not to say that crap isn’t present.

It does mean that you can choose to dig deeper and move beyond it.

Can’t find joy – Be Joy.

Tell your thoughts that you’re taking a break and request thoughts that bring you joy. Read more »

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Being OK With Everything

Being OK with everything is a great way to grow your inner well-being.

If you recognise that not everyone will agree with you, or fall in with your wishes, but you are OK with their responses, then your heart will expand in ways that can bring you joy in every moment.

And that has to be worth aiming for doesn’t it.

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Every Thought Creates Your Reality

everything-you-wantFor the past five weeks I’ve been having fun playing The Manifestation Game.

Here’s what I discovered. Whilst these discoveries are true for me they may not be true for anybody else.

First off, I re-aligned myself with the belief that, my every thought creates my reality by manifesting my thought creations into being.

They manifest sooner, or later, depending on how much focus you bring into their creation.

We all act as either manifester or benefactor in any given moment. Anyone of us can be the instigator of another person’s creation. In the same way, anyone can be the instigator of our manifestations.

Whether we know it or not, it’s how the world works.

For example, I may wish to manifest a cash infusion to facilitate a holiday. And while that cash can appear to manifest from out of nowhere, in reality it comes from someone sending us money.

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