The Torment of Miscommunication

MiscommunicationMiscommunication had struck again. I’d arranged to meet a friend at Blackfriars Station in London. Simple. Except it wasn’t. I was early. She was late.

It wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the fact we were waiting at different stations.

Instead of making solid arrangements that were crystal clear to both of us, we sent messages via text, and interpreted them differently.

To be clear, I was the one who was at the wrong station. I made assumptions of where I believed she would arrive. I was wrong.

It turns out there is a brand new Blackfriars station with exits both sides of Blackfriars Bridge. Mo was waiting on one side, I was waiting on the other.

I was mean and insisted my friend came to me. I was cross. I was thirsty and I was horrible to my friend. Not even her fault.

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Broken Tooth

golden leavesTo welcome the new, it’s useful to clear a space for it. Trouble is, we don’t always realise that we’re clinging to old, unneeded stuff. This is my lesson from my broken tooth.

Who knew the damage one small fennel seed could do. One crunch and my tooth split clean in half. One half strong and secure, the other tender and loose.

I was confident my dentist could save it. Gently he prodded, and poked. Finally, he was ready to announce his verdict.

‘There’s nothing I can do, it will have to be removed.’

‘Removed?’ His words sounded like a foreign language which I didn’t understand. It seems like a tiny thing but I was in shock.

My broken tooth had joined the flotsam and jetsam in my life. Unwilling to release, or declutter, I wasn’t ready, or willing, to face up the truth that it had to go.

I turned to my angels for help. I asked for the best outcome possible, trusting I would receive what I needed.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Joyous Love

joyous love‘Enjoy all the moments of your life.’ – Jan Marchant

Is it possible to enjoy all the moments of your life?  Yes, if you want to, because it’s always your choice. What if you choose to be happy now, savouring each moment knowing it was your decision.

Even when it feels as if the hard times are never going to end, a part of you knows that everything passes, and dark memories do grow brighter. When you choose to savour each moment of your life, you make the choice to live your best life.

Feeling small droplets of happiness right here, right now, enables your inner fountain of love to grow, moment by moment, until it explodes joyfully into the world. 
How’s your fountain of joyous love looking?  Diamond sparkles or rainbow bright – pretty amazing isn’t it.

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Heart Prints

heart prints

Whatever our hands touch – we leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture, on doorknobs, dishes, books.
There’s no escape. As we touch we leave our identity.

Wherever I go today help me leave heart prints!
Heart prints of compassion of understanding and love.

Heart prints of kindness and genuine concern.
May my heart touch a lonely neighbor, or a runaway daughter,
Or an anxious mother, or perhaps an aged grandfather.

Send me out today yo leave heart prints.
And if someone should say, ”I felt your touch,”
May they also sense the love that is deep within my heart.

Blessings to the unknown Author who shared this wonderful poem. Thank you

Toxic Thought Syndrome

toxic thoughtsAre you caught up in Toxic Thought Syndrome?  I was. Creating a new kindle book, 7 Steps to Inner Well-Being, it’s almost ready to roll. It’s been edited to the nth degree.  I’ve created a happiness template and I’m ready to publish.

Except. I have one small glitch. I’m waiting for the creator of its shiny, kick-ass cover to deliver. I don’t know why he hasn’t delivered. He hasn’t let me know.

And that’s when I realised I was caught up in Toxic Thought Syndrome. My mind was stuck. Instead of being proactive I was stuck in thoughts of; do I wait for the late product, or do I begin again with a new cover creator?

Is it me? Was it something I said, or didn’t say? Am I asking for the impossible? Are we a mismatch of talents, with me asking for one thing, and him seeing something else?

Can you see how my thoughts were tied up, leaving no room for anything else to surface.

The problem was, I’d let myself become entangled in those toxic thoughts, which were either based in the past (what could have happened), or in the future (what could I do to remedy it). They’d become self recriminations that I was beating myself up with.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Aliveness

Aliveness‘Let be and let love guide your path.’ – Jan Marchant

Busy, busy, busy.  Life consists of rushing from A to B, then B to C etc., etc.  Does your to-ing and fro-ing treadmill actually take you to where you want to be?  No I thought not.

Busyness is a symptom of an old, ingrained habits, given to you by well meaning others.  Drummed into you from an early age, the ethos of, ‘you must work hard, to be, or to achieve anything’, means your inner focus has been sent up a blind alley.

It’s time to let it go.  Replace busyness with aliveness.  Being alive is when the balls line up with what’s true for you, and your innate well-being.  It’s about what makes your world shine with the truth of what being alive means to you.

Being alive comes from inner happiness, doesn’t rely on others to ignite it, doesn’t allow ego’s to overshadow it.  It’s the inner strength that guides you, with pure love oozing from every pore, singing from the very depths of your being.

When you let be, and let love guide your path, you will open to an aliveness that creates miracles. Glory be and so it it.

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What’s Life Got To Do With It?

cloud heartWhat’s life got to do with it, or anything really?  I got a little defensive when asked what was on my bucket list. Said bucket list being a wish list of all the things you’d like to be, do or have before you die.

Always one to buck a trend, I replied that I didn’t have one.  Shock, horror, and a host of other facial expressions ran riot over the faces of the group of friends I was enjoying coffee with.

I admit to taking a back sit as my friends warmed enthusiastically to the new topic.  Bucket lists.  To be honest, I loved that there were so many adventures being planned.  Quite a few came from dreams from younger days.   Wishes that had been thwarted before they began.

As an exercise in how far they’d grown in their self-confidence, and self-esteem, it made me feel all rosy inside.  Go girls, I’m looking forward to enjoying your amazing bucket list stories, as you tick them off, one, by one.

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The Ego wants what the Ego wants

the ego wants what the ego wantsYesterday I suffered an attack of ‘the ego wants what the ego wants’. I was having a rough day.  Nothing was working out as I’d planned, and I was getting more, and more frustrated.  My tangled thoughts led into dark places.

Worse was to come as I began to tune in to those tangled thoughts.  Dropping into self-pity, I made the decision to beat myself up for any perceived short comings. Then I added the short comings of others.  Oh how my list was growing.

To add insult to injury, the Aries side of my duel cusp nature (Pisces/Aries) decided to come out to play.  Fiery and vicious, I stung with my venom.  Nasty, nasty me.

I decided it was everyone else’s fault.  After all, it couldn’t possibly be mine could it.  Blah, blah, blub, blub. Why me. Why did I let them stay in my life.  Why, oh why, couldn’t they see the world my way etc., etc.  I’m sure you get the unpleasant picture by now.

I was mostly guilty of wanting the Law of Attraction on speed dial, so to speak.  I want, I get.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Heart Based Living

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being - Heart Based Living‘The shift from fear based living to heart based living is the stuff of miracles.’- Jan Marchant

Life is full of shifts between one thought and another.  The subconscious mind loses the ‘h’ and sifts through those shifting thoughts, searching for the ones that it believes will keep you safe. The problem is, the subconscious mind is an illusionist who, finding your deepest, darkest, fear filled thoughts, encourages you to believe them to be true.

As you know fear is an illusion.  Based on what might, or could happen, your subconscious mind runs through every permutation it perceives as fear, working to find you a route that limits any dangerous movements.  The truth is, your subconscious mind is not the whole of you.

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Through the Eyes of Others

Lightness of BeingI made a promise to myself recently, and it could benefit you too.  The promise was that I would no longer see myself through the eyes of others. I’ve liberated myself from the power, which up to now, I had willingly given away to others.

You see, I hadn’t even realised that I was judging my actions, from what I perceived would be reactions, as seen through the eyes of others.  Let’s say I sit down to create a new post.  I’m inspired to write, and share, what’s helped me grow my inner well being. So much of life is made up of imagined fear which simply isn’t real.  That’s not to say it doesn’t feel real.

My intention is to help those who need it.  To move from the stranglehold of fear, to the lightness of being that comes when you exchange fear for love.  So far, so good.  I sit, I write, I review.  But something happens during the review period.  Subconsciously, I begin to influence my own judgement, by imagining the opinions of others when they read what I’ve written.

Crazy as it sounds, I want them to experience what I experienced when I wrote the post. Straight away I’ve created a toxic goal for myself, because what I want depends on an experience seen through the eyes of others.  It’s easy to be strong with those people whose opinions matters little to you.  But when you place someone else’s opinion above what your heart is telling you, then you’ve living in the illusion of a fear based wish.

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