You are Worthy

Eevery day is a new adventure.Chatting with a friend who was considering changing her job, she confided that her sense of self-worth was, well, worthless. Stopping her in her tracks, thoughts of not feeling good enough, keeps her in a position she’d like to leave behind her.

To be honest, self-worth is something that affects all of us. Most of us experience feeling unworthy at some point. It can last a life time if you let it. I’ve been there, and it took me a long time to see those feelings of unworthiness for the illusion they really were.

Take my friend Cara. The fear of going out into the world, presenting herself as somebody worthy and pursuing her dream job eats away at her well-being, inner and outer.

Wake up. Life’s too short not to follow your dreams. Fear is an illusion of what may or may not happen. Feelings arise from the ebb and flow of your thoughts. They don’t come from what’s going on around you.

This is good news because it means the answer to challenging situations lie within, not without.

Everyone’s feelings are real. They’re the heart’s guiding system to what’s right, and what’s wrong for you. When something isn’t right, and you feel dis-heartened, sit with it and allow your inner wisdom to guide you to back to inner well-being.

See what pops into your mind as possible solutions. You only have to give them space to filter through.

Healing begins with exploring those possible solutions. Moving forward begins when, the longing to live the dream, overcomes the fear of not going for it. That’s when the adventures, obstacles included, become a reality.

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Relax, Breathe and Float

relax, breathe and float‘Relax, breathe and float. I flow through life with joy, happiness and abundance as my guiding stars,’ is an affirmation I wrote for my Facebook page.

Affirmations help to ground me in the present moment, the now. My wish is that what I share helps others too.

What is meaningless to some, strikes a chord in others. The word meaningless conjures up without reason, without purpose, being insignificant and other negative descriptions. In truth, it’s not all bad.

Meaningless can also be identified as the letting go of the ego. When the ego has been stripped away, you’re left with a space to discover what meaning you want to give to your life. Phew!

I discovered that, when I take the time to ‘relax, breathe and float’, with nothing on my mind, I’m open to the natural flow of life.

In the natural flow of life, I can unravel meanings that are significant to me. Today I’m choosing joy, happiness and abundance.

Tomorrow I have the freedom to choose anew. How amazing is that.

Part of relax, breathe and float is learning to trust. To let go of the need to be in control of what’s occurring. To have faith that the Universe has my back.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Abundance Blessings

Abundance Blessings‘Today, I am counting the abundance blessings that show me how truly wonderful life is.’ – Jan Marchant

The art of counting your abundance blessings is something you can practice as often as you like.

Just sit quietly with a notebook dedicated to your blessings, and simply list everything you can think of.

Grow your list by adding at least three new blessings every day.

The size of your abundance blessings will be unique to you, so it’s no use trying to compare blessings with others. Their list will be relevant to them, as yours is to you.

Now take your abundance blessings one step further. Add a column in your notebook where you share why you consider it a blessing, as well as how it made you feel.

Perfect. Now, when you read your abundance of blessings list, you’ll recreate how you felt, which has the added bonus of making you feel good/great, all over again.

Honestly, truly, do your blessings get any better than how they’re showing up for you?

Thought not – enjoy x

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How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3

abundant joyHow to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3 is about around the judgements, criticism’s, moaning and comparison’s that hold you back. This includes the word’s, the thought’s and the feelings attached to those judgements.

The problems associated with them do more damage that you can possibly image. So you can see how important it is to free yourself from their limitations.

There’s nothing wrong with being discerning. You see the world as it is, and whilst not always liking, or agreeing with what you see, you live and let live without the need to impose your own views on how it should be.

It’s easy to identify the negative voices. They’re the ones sharing criticism, or ill-favoured opinion’s. It can be just as judgemental to over-ride others views and opinions in the certainty that you’re right, and they’re wrong.

It’s enough to make your head ache isn’t it.

Have you ever been with family, or friends, enjoying time together where you put the world to rights? This can be a two-edged sword. When you’re all in agreement, it’s hard to hear the undertones of the conversation.

I bet you’re so comfortable in each others company, you don’t even notice how much moaning, or complaining goes on. It’s become a way of life where sharing news includes all the negatives attributed to each juicy morsel.

With eager listeners, stories get embellished, and maybe, just maybe, embroidered with what had to be overcome to reach the desired outcome. Ringing any bells yet?

The rest of the group join the discussion, with well placed comments such as, ‘they never did’, or ‘no, how could they’, or ‘how awful for you’. Everyone is part of the action, and before you know it, synchronised negativity is the order of the day.

Add to the mix, the same stories being told to others outside of the original circle, with more opinions, more judgements on offer, and you can see how the echoes of negativity wing their way through people’s sub-consciousness.

Being judgemental has become so ingrained, that people don’t know that’s how they’re responding.

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How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 2

Incredible JoyToday in ‘How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 2′, we’ll be looking at gratitude, as  defined by the quality of being thankful, of being ready to show appreciation for what shows up for you.

It’s not indebtedness because it doesn’t require you to repay anything in return.

Instead, it’s a warm feeling that makes you feel good.

‘All well and good’ you may be thinking, ‘but what’s gratitude got to do with abundance money blocks?’

Simply put. If not feeling good is the norm for you, eventually you’ll create an imbalance in your body, which will cause a blockage in your vibrational system.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you’re not feeling good, guess what? You’ll attract more of what doesn’t make you feel good. It’s impossible to attract abundance in any shape or form if you’re not feeling good.

It makes sense to cultivate and grow an attitude of gratitude doesn’t it. Honestly, once you start, you won’t want to stop. It really is that powerful.

So how do you grow your attitude of gratitude? This is what I did.

I started with an A5 a notebook which I find it easy to slip into my bag, but any size notebook will do. Using a ruler, I drew a line down the centre of each new page, dividing it into two columns.

The first column ‘What I Am Grateful For’ is where I (you’ll), list all the things to be thankful for.

The second column ‘How Does This Make Me Feel?’, is where I (you’ll), note down exactly how I (you), felt in relation to what we’re grateful for.

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How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 1

How to free abundance money blocksIt would be good to know how to free abundance money blocks wouldn’t it? Yes being the only answer!

If it’s no, well done. You don’t need to read any further, because you’ve already solved, and cleared, any abundance money blocks you may have had.

If scarcity is a lie, then what’s stopping you from being abundant? Blockages around making money, receiving money, saving money, spending money, giving money is what stops you.

Everyone will have their own pet block’s to work with. Because those blocks have become part of who you’re being, it’s going to take some commitment to find a way to rid yourself of them, one by one.

In the first instance you should recognise what caused those blocks. Your life today is made up of the thoughts, beliefs and actions from your past. Unfortunately, most of those came from well-meaning others, who believed they had your best interests at heart.

It does’t always follow that what worked for them is best for you. It’s time to let it go.

The best tool I’ve found, is the ‘who does this belong to?’ tool. Try asking this question for 3 days with everything that pops into your head. It’s only for a few days, and well worth the effort, to see what effect it has.

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The Scarcity Lie

The Scarcity LieI’ve been living a lie. The Scarcity Lie. Instead of seeing, and appreciating, the wealth of abundance that exists all around me, I’ve been searching for what I perceived as being missing. Doh.

I’ve read numerous books on the Law of Attraction. In fact, I’ve read most books that cover abundance in all it’s myriad and spectacular forms.

I’ve loved and enjoyed everything that’s shown up for me. But then, my eyes would start to look for what I believed was missing, and maybe, just maybe, would make my life even better. Double doh.

I thought I knew the answer to living an abundance life. I just needed to practice all the tips, the advice and the exercises I’d read about, for it to show up. I missed the fact that I was already living an abundant life!

I’d already learnt that happiness doesn’t depend on anything, or anyone, showing up from the amazing Jamie Smart. He taught me that happiness is a natural state, my birthright, as it’s yours. No more “I’ll be happy when…” scenario’s for me.

A pretty good life all round. So, what was missing, and why was I still searching?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because, at some point, I bought into the scarcity lie.

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Being the Best

Life is meant to be an expression of your joyWhat does being the best mean to you? To me, being the best is when you shine radiantly, as you give your all to living life with passion, whatever you’re doing.

So what does shining radiantly mean? It’s all in your level of engagement. When you give something your best shot, you find you become absorbed in the matter in hand too.

It’s the only thing on your mind as it commands your full attention. Something you’re doing because you want to do.

Not always something you’re particularly keen on, you decide to do it anyway. You shine radiantly because you have committed 100% to the task in hand. Giving it your best shot, and then, something extra, until completion.

The difference is that you found a way to enjoy yourself whilst dancing through it. Simply being the best you that you can be.

This is a key factor to growing, and enhancing, your Inner Well-Being. Planting, feeding and growing, your own little seeds of happiness, as you make your choices on a daily basis.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Rays of Love

I am a soul who speaks‘Enjoy the rays of love and abundance, dancing merrily alongside you. It’s your inner beauty shining forth for all the world to see.’ – Jan Marchant

I bet you never realised how beautiful you truly are. Honestly, your inner beauty shines out from every inch of you, as you dance through life.

It’s taken commitment to unmask who you secretly yearned to be, but now you stand strong, wrapped in the love of a benevolent Universe.

You’ve explored the highs and lows of love and fear.

Some days have been easier than others.

Other days have been tempests that raged inside, and outside of you, trying to disrupt the love you’ve been growing.

Inner well-being is your prize. Love and abundance your gift from a benevolent Universe.

For an abundant life is full of loving acts, loving people and endless opportunities to be love in action.

The sun, the stars and the moon shower you with rays of love and abundance, enhancing your bewitching beauty.

Shine bright, you bobby dazzler you. Because your love is truly a gift to the world.

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You are the Mirror of Your Thoughts

Marcus-Aurelius-Quote-Sallie-KeysI’ve been thinking about how you are the mirror of your thoughts, and how it affects every single moment of life.

Marcus Aurelius said; ‘The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts’. A truth that hits you squarely between the eyes. It’s also a truth that many choose to ignore.

I have this sneaky feeling that everyone I meet, every action I take, is a test designed to help me grow my inner well-being.

Don’t like a remark, do I snap a rejoinder, or do I smile and let it pass. Depends on the person making the remark! Guess what? My reaction is neither here, nor there. What’s important is what I’m thinking about the original remark. What substance am I giving it.

I may be smiling sweetly to avoid getting into a discussion that may or, may not, prove my point of view. Or, I might throw my point of view into the ring to see what response I provoke.

Horses for courses. It all depends how the mood takes me.

The point is that it’s irrelevant. The only thing that has any bearing on my inner well-being is the actual thought I’m having about that original remark.

Am I smarting on the inside, feeling slightly foolish at what appears to be a ‘dig’ at me, or my understanding of something? Do I think I’ve been insulted, been the butt of someone’s joke, or just uncomfortable as it pushed a ‘poor me’ button?

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