Striking a Chord

Striking a ChordThe meaning of striking a chord is something that creates an emotional response. Today, I saw the cartoon from the very talented Harold’s Planet and well, it struck a chord.

It struck me that striking a chord is a message from my Inner Wisdom, asking me to look at what’s causing my mood to be off kilter.

Be it a bad mood, sadness, not understanding why this, or that happened, or life appearing to stink, I’ve found taking it for a walk is a good way to walk/work through the maze of emotional kicks, allowing clarity to bring a peaceful resolution.

I always go walking by myself because I don’t want to offload my negative emotions onto others. Rather than looking at the cause, I’d be feeding and growing the bad feeling’s instead of walking away from them.

Of course there are heart-aches, or problems that are better shared. But I’m not talking about those.

I’m talking about the mood swings that take you away from where you want to be, rather than moving forward with a lightness of being. Where would you sooner be?

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Inspiration Insight for Inner Well-Being – You Are The Gift

today is a beautiful day‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking.’

Do you ever wonder where you are heading, what you are seeking? The journey to oneself is eternal.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a glorious blip towards the truth. Love, in all it’s personification’s, asks that you revel in every deed, in every act you undertake.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a gift, enabling you to realise another bit of the secret that is hidden in plain sight.

The truth is open to you and that truth is this:

‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking’.

Isn’t that a wondrous thing. The gift of you, exactly as you are, right here, right now.

Accept the gift of you and, no-thing, no-one can take it from you.

You are an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary human being. Thank you for being you x

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The Miracle of Inner Wisdom

There is a forcejpg

“In the Infinity of Love where I Am, I choose to listen to my Inner Wisdom as I surrender my fears to the Divine. I allow miracles to show up in the most beneficial ways for me. I choose to increase my awareness of my Inner Wisdom as it grows daily. I Live, I Love, I Am and so it is.”

The miracle of Inner Wisdom is always with you. You can feel good, bad or indifferent, it makes no difference. The miracle of Inner Wisdom is always with you.

The way to access it is to let go and surrender. Quieten your mind as you surrender your fears to the Divine. In the space between your mind’s busy chatter, your Inner Wisdom will show up.

You’ll feel it’s presence because, it feel’s totally different to the mindless chit-chat that tries to override it. Enabling you to feel peaceful, it’s gentle whispering makes complete sense. Showing you a way through whatever madness is currently showing up.

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Declutter With Love

10845903_763151697100255_8440706209980711363_nHere’s the thing.  Are you brave enough to let go of all the things that no longer serve you, to let go and declutter with love?

It’s time to take stock, to sit quietly as you reflect on the passing year. To think about what you’d like to happen next. New year, new thoughts, new experiences.

The habits, thoughts and people, that need to be decluttered to make a space for what comes next. To make room for new experience’s that will make your heart sing.

Some habits that are so ingrained that you don’t always recognise, or see, them anymore. The simple way to identify them is to remember, if it doesn’t come from love, it doesn’t serve you in any way or form.

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A Magnificent Failure

10675806_967480523277342_5466775885800382655_nWhat is a magnificent failure, and why would I even admit to being one? I’m not sure, it just felt right when it came to me.

I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Australia. This was my third time ‘down-under’, and I love it.

The fact that I stepped onto a plane at Perth 100% fit, and healthy, and then, some 23 hours later, landed at Heathrow unwell, seems unreal.

But that illness has been a gift.

Instead of jumping back onto the crazy merry-go-round of blogging, social networking, real time networking and a myriad of other work related tasks, I’ve been given the space to think about success and failure.

Fever fuelled voice’s kept whispering ‘are you happy with what you’re doing?’, ‘how successful do you think it’s been?’ and ‘is it worth doing given the time it takes?’

Am I happy with what I’m doing? Yes. I’m not only happy, I love what I’m doing.

How successful do I think it’s been? Not sure as I don’t know what success really means.

Is it worth doing given the time it takes? Mostly yes. Sometimes it can feel like it’s taking over my life.

What really intrigued me was that I don’t know what success really means. It means so many different things doesn’t it? For instance, if I measure my success by others standards then I’m definately a failure in their eyes.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Be the Star

009‘Be the star in your own life. Be yourself.’ – Jan Marchant

Life is a show ground where you get to star in your own life. You get to be the villain, the hero, the romantic, the scholar, the hermit, the list is endless. You can be generous, you can be mean, you can love, you can hate.

Who are you going to be in the story of your life? Every time you show up in the world, you get to choose who you are going to be. How fantastic is that! Be yourself. Be the star in your own life.

Before you drop off to sleep, take time to review your day. Did you show up as yourself, whatever challenges appeared? If not, send extra love to yourself and look for whatever lesson came to try you.

Take time to image your next production. Go through it moment by moment. Bathe yourself in love and light. Snuggle down. Dream deeply. Awaken totally refreshed. A new day is a new opportunity to be the star in your own life. Wow wheeeeeee.

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You are Worthy

Eevery day is a new adventure.Chatting with a friend who was considering changing her job, she confided that her sense of self-worth was, well, worthless. Stopping her in her tracks, thoughts of not feeling good enough, keeps her in a position she’d like to leave behind her.

To be honest, self-worth is something that affects all of us. Most of us experience feeling unworthy at some point. It can last a life time if you let it. I’ve been there, and it took me a long time to see those feelings of unworthiness for the illusion they really were.

Take my friend Cara. The fear of going out into the world, presenting herself as somebody worthy and pursuing her dream job eats away at her well-being, inner and outer.

Wake up. Life’s too short not to follow your dreams. Fear is an illusion of what may or may not happen. Feelings arise from the ebb and flow of your thoughts. They don’t come from what’s going on around you.

This is good news because it means the answer to challenging situations lie within, not without.

Everyone’s feelings are real. They’re the heart’s guiding system to what’s right, and what’s wrong for you. When something isn’t right, and you feel dis-heartened, sit with it and allow your inner wisdom to guide you to back to inner well-being.

See what pops into your mind as possible solutions. You only have to give them space to filter through.

Healing begins with exploring those possible solutions. Moving forward begins when, the longing to live the dream, overcomes the fear of not going for it. That’s when the adventures, obstacles included, become a reality.

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Relax, Breathe and Float

relax, breathe and float‘Relax, breathe and float. I flow through life with joy, happiness and abundance as my guiding stars,’ is an affirmation I wrote for my Facebook page.

Affirmations help to ground me in the present moment, the now. My wish is that what I share helps others too.

What is meaningless to some, strikes a chord in others. The word meaningless conjures up without reason, without purpose, being insignificant and other negative descriptions. In truth, it’s not all bad.

Meaningless can also be identified as the letting go of the ego. When the ego has been stripped away, you’re left with a space to discover what meaning you want to give to your life. Phew!

I discovered that, when I take the time to ‘relax, breathe and float’, with nothing on my mind, I’m open to the natural flow of life.

In the natural flow of life, I can unravel meanings that are significant to me. Today I’m choosing joy, happiness and abundance.

Tomorrow I have the freedom to choose anew. How amazing is that.

Part of relax, breathe and float is learning to trust. To let go of the need to be in control of what’s occurring. To have faith that the Universe has my back.

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Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Abundance Blessings

Abundance Blessings‘Today, I am counting the abundance blessings that show me how truly wonderful life is.’ – Jan Marchant

The art of counting your abundance blessings is something you can practice as often as you like.

Just sit quietly with a notebook dedicated to your blessings, and simply list everything you can think of.

Grow your list by adding at least three new blessings every day.

The size of your abundance blessings will be unique to you, so it’s no use trying to compare blessings with others. Their list will be relevant to them, as yours is to you.

Now take your abundance blessings one step further. Add a column in your notebook where you share why you consider it a blessing, as well as how it made you feel.

Perfect. Now, when you read your abundance of blessings list, you’ll recreate how you felt, which has the added bonus of making you feel good/great, all over again.

Honestly, truly, do your blessings get any better than how they’re showing up for you?

Thought not – enjoy x

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How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3

abundant joyHow to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3 is about around the judgements, criticism’s, moaning and comparison’s that hold you back. This includes the word’s, the thought’s and the feelings attached to those judgements.

The problems associated with them do more damage that you can possibly image. So you can see how important it is to free yourself from their limitations.

There’s nothing wrong with being discerning. You see the world as it is, and whilst not always liking, or agreeing with what you see, you live and let live without the need to impose your own views on how it should be.

It’s easy to identify the negative voices. They’re the ones sharing criticism, or ill-favoured opinion’s. It can be just as judgemental to over-ride others views and opinions in the certainty that you’re right, and they’re wrong.

It’s enough to make your head ache isn’t it.

Have you ever been with family, or friends, enjoying time together where you put the world to rights? This can be a two-edged sword. When you’re all in agreement, it’s hard to hear the undertones of the conversation.

I bet you’re so comfortable in each others company, you don’t even notice how much moaning, or complaining goes on. It’s become a way of life where sharing news includes all the negatives attributed to each juicy morsel.

With eager listeners, stories get embellished, and maybe, just maybe, embroidered with what had to be overcome to reach the desired outcome. Ringing any bells yet?

The rest of the group join the discussion, with well placed comments such as, ‘they never did’, or ‘no, how could they’, or ‘how awful for you’. Everyone is part of the action, and before you know it, synchronised negativity is the order of the day.

Add to the mix, the same stories being told to others outside of the original circle, with more opinions, more judgements on offer, and you can see how the echoes of negativity wing their way through people’s sub-consciousness.

Being judgemental has become so ingrained, that people don’t know that’s how they’re responding.

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