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The Choices you Make - Inspirational InsightIt’s not your talents or gifts that define who you are. It’s the choices you make on a day-to-day basis.

You are an amazing human being, with your own unique, special talents, and gifts.

Talents and gifts that are available anytime you want to bring them into play.

Every day you get to choose what to use at any given time.

Challenges can, and will, arise. You always have the choice of how you deal with them.

There is no right or wrong. There’s only what’s right or wrong for you and the choices you make.

When you choose to surrender your challenges to Divine Love, something magical happens.

As you sit, focussed on love and inner well-being, the right solution will pop into your consciousness from where Divine Love dwells within you.

The next choice is whether you follow Divine Love’s guidance, or not.

You get to decide – always.

Isn’t it inspiring to know your life choices lie firmly in your hands. Wow.

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Awaken to the Truth

Awaken to the TruthAwaken to the truth of who you really are.

What is the truth?

The truth is, wherever you are on your journey through life, you are the real deal.

You are already perfect just as you are.

And yet, it never feels enough does it? It feels as if something’s missing, and so the quest begins.

I’ve been on my own quest. It took me to many seminars. To many courses, to many ‘guru’s’. To a whole library of books. Been there, done it, got the t-shirt!

In all honesty it was fun. I had a ball seeking the truth of who I really am.

Each step supplied a piece of the puzzle that I believed was waiting to be solved.

A fragment of the truth if you like.

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I Am One with Divine Love

I Am One with Divine Love. Photo thanks to Denise LinnI Am One with Divine Love

With Divine Love all things are possible. When I ignore the gentle prods that Divine Love sends through my inner knowing, I struggle.

You’d think I’d know better. But, being a normal human being, with desires, wants and needs, I sometime’s push against the flow of my Inner Well-Being.

Pushing against the flow means I try to control outcome’s. My way or no way is my stubborn mindset. I make plans that often, spiral wildly out of control. And yet, I continue to impose outrageous demands on myself, that may, or may not, work.

And, because those outrageous demands sometimes work, it creates an illusion that I buy into. I believe that if I push harder, I will get my desires meet quicker. It’s just an illusion, which means it’s not true.

Moving too fast, push, push, push, finds me tumbling out of the natural flow of life. My focus ends up in the wrong place, which means I miss the joy of being in the present moment. Missing the bliss of being me, of being alive to what shows up.

I learnt the hard way that struggle isn’t natural. It’s a learned behaviour from childhood. Do you remember being told; ‘If it’s too easy, it’s not worth having.’ Or; ‘If you work harder, the rewards will be so much sweeter.’ Me too.

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Choosing to Live Absolutely from Your Heart – Inspirational Insight

10367558_10152198603686296_4158377896983535563_nChoosing to live absolutely from your heart, with Divine Love as your guide, means everything is a miracle.

Being open and flexible to whatever life brings you, you can deal with anything life throws your way.

Anything that irritates and/or upsets you can be the miracle that alerts you to what you don’t want in your life.

You get to cherry pick what you accept, or refuse, what you keep, or what you release.

Every day say to yourself ‘I choose to see the world through eyes bright with Divine Love, and now invite miracles to show up at every opportunity. And so it is thank you.’

The act of seeing everything as a miracle means you free yourself to live your life by choice.

Your choice.

Choosing to live absolutely from your heart. Maybe, that’s the greatest miracle of all.

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Little Seed’s of Inner Well-Being

Little Seed's of Inner Well-BeingAs you’re probably aware, I share Little Seed’s of Inner Well-Being through Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. Today’s little seed hit me right between the eyes.

‘I open my mind, my heart to Divine Wisdom for strength to let go of that which no longer serves me. All is well and so it is thank you.’

You see, I’ve been drifting since I returned from my amazing trip to Australia. First I was ill, having caught flu in Hong Kong – I kid you not!

Then it was getting ready for the Christmas holiday season. Blah, blah, blah. I justified myself with excuses. Truth be told – I just didn’t want to do anything. All I felt compelled to share was the bare minimum.

Tempus Fugit. Time was flying by as I continued to drift. I told myself that I would make more effort in January. I didn’t. Instead I bought a book I’d been avoiding all summer.

The one recommended several times, but still ignored, was Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness. I just didn’t like the cover. I saw it as a gate I didn’t want to unlock, despite any treasures that might be hidden inside.

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Striking a Chord

Striking a ChordThe meaning of striking a chord is something that creates an emotional response. Today, I saw the cartoon from the very talented Harold’s Planet and well, it struck a chord.

It struck me that striking a chord is a message from my Inner Wisdom, asking me to look at what’s causing my mood to be off kilter.

Be it a bad mood, sadness, not understanding why this, or that happened, or life appearing to stink, I’ve found taking it for a walk is a good way to walk/work through the maze of emotional kicks, allowing clarity to bring a peaceful resolution.

I always go walking by myself because I don’t want to offload my negative emotions onto others. Rather than looking at the cause, I’d be feeding and growing the bad feeling’s instead of walking away from them.

Of course there are heart-aches, or problems that are better shared. But I’m not talking about those.

I’m talking about the mood swings that take you away from where you want to be, rather than moving forward with a lightness of being. Where would you sooner be?

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Inspiration Insight for Inner Well-Being – You Are The Gift

today is a beautiful day‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking.’

Do you ever wonder where you are heading, what you are seeking? The journey to oneself is eternal.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a glorious blip towards the truth. Love, in all it’s personification’s, asks that you revel in every deed, in every act you undertake.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a gift, enabling you to realise another bit of the secret that is hidden in plain sight.

The truth is open to you and that truth is this:

‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking’.

Isn’t that a wondrous thing. The gift of you, exactly as you are, right here, right now.

Accept the gift of you and, no-thing, no-one can take it from you.

You are an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary human being. Thank you for being you x

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The Miracle of Inner Wisdom

There is a forcejpg

“In the Infinity of Love where I Am, I choose to listen to my Inner Wisdom as I surrender my fears to the Divine. I allow miracles to show up in the most beneficial ways for me. I choose to increase my awareness of my Inner Wisdom as it grows daily. I Live, I Love, I Am and so it is.”

The miracle of Inner Wisdom is always with you. You can feel good, bad or indifferent, it makes no difference. The miracle of Inner Wisdom is always with you.

The way to access it is to let go and surrender. Quieten your mind as you surrender your fears to the Divine. In the space between your mind’s busy chatter, your Inner Wisdom will show up.

You’ll feel it’s presence because, it feel’s totally different to the mindless chit-chat that tries to override it. Enabling you to feel peaceful, it’s gentle whispering makes complete sense. Showing you a way through whatever madness is currently showing up.

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Declutter With Love

10845903_763151697100255_8440706209980711363_nHere’s the thing.  Are you brave enough to let go of all the things that no longer serve you, to let go and declutter with love?

It’s time to take stock, to sit quietly as you reflect on the passing year. To think about what you’d like to happen next. New year, new thoughts, new experiences.

The habits, thoughts and people, that need to be decluttered to make a space for what comes next. To make room for new experience’s that will make your heart sing.

Some habits that are so ingrained that you don’t always recognise, or see, them anymore. The simple way to identify them is to remember, if it doesn’t come from love, it doesn’t serve you in any way or form.

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