Being Literal

TownsvilleBeing literal has led to more unwanted situations that I care to remember. Even now, being literal means, mid-sentence, I have to stop to check my response.

You see, when I hear the words ‘you must….’, my brain goes into overdrive working out how I can carry out whatever it is ‘I must do’. Like a command set in stone, I move heaven and earth to comply.

At least I used to. The ever giving Universe finally stepped in. I was given a lesson to help me see that I don’t have to spring into action upon another’s ‘you must….’ polite conversation.

Here’s what happened. I love Australia and was already making plans for another magical trip to Sydney, NSW and Perth, Western Australia, places I hadn’t seen before. It was exciting making plans that enabled a cherished dream to come to fruition.

Going back to Queensland was not in the frame, even though I love it and, a little bit of my heart lives there. Until, that is, some friends I hadn’t heard from in ages got in touch.

It was great to hear from them, but guess what? The message finished with, ‘if you’re coming to Aus anytime soon, you must come and stay with us.’ Spooky, how did they know what I was planning?

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Taking Your Eye Off The Ball

IMG_0770Taking your eye off the ball has unwanted consequences.

I let my breakfast porridge overcook, it exploded and went everywhere.

The meant I had to start from scratch. This time, instead of taking my eye off the ball, I gave it my full attention, resulting in perfect porridge.

You see, I was trying to do at least 3 things at the same time. Put porridge in microwave, set timer. Fill kettle for second cup of tea. Check emails on phone to save time later.

To be fair, it usually works a treat. Except I took my eye off the ball, and after giving it a good stir, I set the second cooking time on high instead of simmer. It was a recipe for disaster!

I find it’s the little things that go wrong so easily. The things we take for granted. Because they’ve become so familiar, we operate on auto-pilot.

Everyone makes decisions that can go one way or another. It’s called life. And while exploding porridge isn’t life changing, other decisions can be.

I’ve just finished Greg McKeown‘s excellent book ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’, and whilst it’s about getting more done in less time, it’s principles apply equally well to day-to-day living.

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Bank Holiday Drama’s

Paul Coelho 1999Do you have bank holiday drama’s happening at a house near you?

The sun’s shining. It’s bank holiday Monday. It’s time to sit the garden. The wind’s blowing a gentle breeze, but find a sheltered spot where the sun’s shining, grab a drink, plus a good book and I’m in bank holiday heaven.

I’m currently re-reading, and enjoying,  Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, which is a much welcomed birthday gift.

Sometimes it’s nice to re-visit an old friend and remember why you enjoyed it the first time.

Back in the garden, book in hand, my attention was interrupted by a flow of f***ing and blinding from a nearby garden.

Louder and louder, the tirade of anger grew to a crescendo.  My neighbour Dennis had fallen off his step-ladder, and was shouting for his wife Joyce to come and help him.

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Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy“Everything is energy. Your thought begins it.

Your emotion amplifies it. Your actions increase the momentum.” Unknown

Those words gift us an incredible insight to living our best life.

Everything is energy. Everything in life is created from energy in one form or another. Look around as you take in the sheer scale of what’s been created by people.

You, me and everyone else had an input on everything you can see. As well as stuff you can’t see, but know it exists.

Your thought begins it. Until anything is brought into being, someone has to have the thought that creates it. Some thoughts are immediately discarded and fall by the wayside. Others have the potential to blow you away with the sheer scale of what’s possible.

Your emotion amplifies it. Wow whee, how does it feel when it all comes together? Butterflies in the tummy. Eyes shining with excitement, feeling tingly all over. It’s just the best feeling in the world.

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Playing Happy Families

pricklyAre you playing happy families? You know, where you all get on, and nobody argues or brings up shit? Thought so. It seems as though everyone else is playing happy families, but not you.

I do know wonderful, harmonious families, mine included, but the more I listen to my friends, the more I realise that it’s not a done deal.

Instead, it’s as if families are especially designed to bring out the worst in people.

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve heard lately:

‘My brother has decided not to include us in anything. He hasn’t said why, he just dropped us.’

‘Now that dad’s gone, I don’t have to have anything more to do with those other b******’s who call themselves family.’

‘Why do my parents do everything for my sister and ignore my family? It’s horrible being left out.’

Getting the picture. All true, and all painful, scenarios for the people concerned.

It seems that when it’s family it hurts twice as much. The betrayals, the silence’s, the barbed digs that hit a spot you didn’t even know existed until they hit it.

The most painful thing of all is the fact that most of them don’t know what kicked off in the first place. If they did, they’d like to do something to address it.

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Love Made Visible

Reading one of  Michael Neill’s newsletters, the words ‘kindness is love made visible’ struck a chord. It’s a perfect way to describe how love is all around us.

We just have to take the time to recognise it.

The word love is often misunderstood. Many people only relate it to their relationships with partners, close friends and family – or not as the case may be.

And yet, everyday out in the big wide world, little random acts of kindness are being carried out by people for the benefit of others.

Those others are not always known, just passing ships and all that.

Reading about an incident of rioting, I read that some opportunists were using it as an excuse to loot.  Some were ordinary people, seemingly infected with a temporary madness that swept them along in the heat of the moment.

My goodness, they’re paying for that madness now, with their reputations shot to pieces.

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Be kind whenever possible Dalai Lama said ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’. It’s something that I willingly embrace in my day-to-day life.

Small gestures such as a smile can make someone’s day and it’s hard to feel miserable if you’re smiling – win/win.

Listening to an author, whose books have inspired me, I was enthralled as she talked about being one of the first life coaches, and how coincidences led her to met the right people at the right time.

Synchronicity in action.

She admitted that she could be a control freak at times. She then went on to tell us about being on tour with motivational author Wayne Dyer.  She was desperately trying to gee him up, to hurry him along, to ensure everything fell within the alloted time scales of the book tour.

Meanwhile, Wayne was happily taking time to talk, sign books and willingly engage with his fans. Feeling humbled, this led her to share how she began to engage more frequently with her own fans, especially the ones who’d bought books along to be autographed.

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So how do you fulfil your Destiny?

colours of the rainbowSo, how do you fulfil your destiny?  I keep reading, that doing the right things, following the right path, will led to a place where I can find, and begin to fulfil, my destiny.

Every self-help guru has their own version of how to fulfil your destiny.  You read the book, follow the instructions, maybe even purchase an on-line course that promise’s to point you in the right direction.

I have a sneaking suspicion that constant seeking leads to self-doubt, depression and maybe, self loathing.

It’s almost as if destiny becomes, ‘being in pursuit’ of finding it!

The more you seek, the more elusive it appears to be.  I’m sure there’s probably a syndrome devoted to ‘being in pursuit’!

Constant seeking means that living your life in the present moment, whilst growing your inner well-being, gets put on hold.

What if everyone’s destiny is to live fully in the present moment as they grow their inner well-being.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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Growing your Intuition

Growing your intuition is a great way of living from the heart. Your inner knowing is there for you at all times. Unique to you, its Divine Love in action, and will always have your best interests at heart.

This song from Jewel is perfect for showing how following your intuition lead’s you in the right direction.

But where is your intuition when faced with making a decision, and can’t decide between the choices on offer?

Start by looking at each choice. Take time to notice how you feel about your options.

Trust your gut. Your gut is a good indication of how you’re feeling. Do you feel jittery, excited, uncomfortable, or do you feel physically sick?

If it’s the last one, discard that option straight away. If you ignore any feelings of discomfort you’re definitely ignoring your intuition.

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